Crafting Social Media Profiles That Work

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11 Rules for Growing Your Email List

Having an email newsletter is a critical element to building a tiny empire, while I don’t agree with all the “rules” listed here, most these 11 rules for growing your email list are pretty solid. [via Paved blog]

Crafting Social Media Profiles That Work

Social media platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn are great for getting discovered and distributing your content.

It’s also a great way to build your audience IF you’ve designed your social media profile properly.

Sadly, many of us get this wrong (I know mine are always a work in progress).

Here’s how you can craft better social media profiles that can build your audience and bring in sales. [via The Steal Club]

This Creator Makes $16K per Month with Her Tiny Empire

I love reading about how other creators are creating their own tiny empires.

Here’s a case study about a former nurse has built her own tiny empire generating around $16K per month.

I’m sharing this case study, because she’s doing a lot of things right (cleaning her email list, having an email list, focusing on marketing her courses, etc) – a lot of lessons here.

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