How to Craft & Design a Clear & Focused Marketing Strategy That Helps You Grow

The GROWth Map™

This comprehensive exercise is where everything starts. If you’re not converting prospects into customers, or you’re finding your marketing campaigns aren’t working for you, this is the root cause of why things aren’t working. Let us sit down with you and show you how to turn things around and get hyper-focused clarity on the direction you should take.

Your Road Map and Compass to Growth

If you’re jumping into Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, SEO, Content Marketing, etc without a clear plan, it’s like setting out on a journey without a map or compass.

You WILL get lost.

And in this case, you will lose time and money on efforts that don’t result in anything.

If you find that your marketing doesn’t seem to be working or you’re not turning prospects into customers, the reason why is you’re following the wrong map (marketing strategy).

That’s where the GROWTH Map comes in and shows you the way to growth.

Why a GROWTH Map™?

  • checkFigure out which marketing channels to focus on (and which ones to ignore)
  • checkKnow with pinpoint accuracy who to target and who not to go after
  • checkCraft better messaging and communications that really connect with your audience
  • checkIncrease your chances of turning prospects into customers
  • checkBefore launching any marketing campaign, you’ll now have a road map and compass to point you in the right direction instead of flailing around trying to see what sticks
  • checkHaving this GROWTH Map helps you increase sales and…
  • checklower ad costs

You could have the biggest budget in the world, but if it’s spent on the WRONG things, no amount of money will fix it…

Often times, it’s the ones I speak to who think they don’t need to do this exercise that need it the most.

The smart marketers and entrepreneurs know that your time is the most valuable resource. So, it makes sense to find out how to spend your time the right way and on the RIGHT tasks.

That’s what the GROWTH map session does for you.

How It Works

  • 1Complete the payment for your GROWTH Map session (we can issue an invoice if you need it)
  • 2Schedule your GROWTH Map session with one of our GROWTH Guides
  • 3Your GROWTH Mapping session will be recorded (*remote sessions only)
  • 4Download your GROWTH Mapping session recording and final map (*remote sessions only)
  • 5Take your map and implement it yourself, delegate it to your team or choose to have us help you implement it. Either way you’re not locked in.

Here’s What You Get


One of our GROWTH Guides walks you through the GROWTH Mapping process to help develop your custom GROWTH Map.


GROWTH Mapping sessions are recorded so you may refer back to your session whenever you need or even share it with your team to implement. (*Remote sessions only)


After your session, we’ll finalise any details and withint a few days, you will have your final GROWTH Map to download (PDF and JPG formats) and share with your team and start implementing.

Who should do the GROWTH Map?

  • checkEntrepreneurs
  • checkSmall business owners
  • checkMarketers & Digital marketers
  • checkStartups
  • checkStartup founders
  • checkAnyone in need of designing an effective marketing strategy or an existing business that finds your marketing is not performing as well as you’d like.

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DIY GROWTH Map Session

Follow our DIY-Online Guided road map and compass to growth.

  • DIY Online video guided GROWTH Mapping session (go at your own pace)
  • GROWTH Map workbook
  • CheckFinal GROWTH Map marketing strategy



In-Person GROWTH Map Workshop

Get Your road map and compass to growth in this 1-day workshop

  • Only 8 seats available
  • checkGuided class GROWTH Mapping session
  • GROWTH Map workbook
  • We’ll guide you through our GROWTH Map process so you walk away with a marketing strategy



Remote GROWTH Map Session

Get Your road map and compass to growth.

  • Remote (Online) guided GROWTH Mapping session (Please allow for approx. 2-3 hours)
  • Recorded session
  • CheckFinal GROWTH Map marketing strategy



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In-Person GROWTH Map Session

Get Your road map and compass to growth.

  • In-person guided GROWTH Mapping session (Please allow for approx. 2-3 hours)
  • We come to you
  • Final GROWTH Map marketing strategy



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