How These Youtube Creators Are Monetizing Their Channel

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How These Youtube Creators Are Monetizing Their Channel

Youtube is a great content distribution channel (although TikTok is gaining ground rapidly), if you’ve got a Youtube channel with a captive audience, you can look to brothers John and Hank Green, for inspiration in launching your own branded products.

In their case, they recently launched the Awesome Coffee Club, their own branded coffee subscription service.

Diversifying your revenue streams is something I always talk about, as creators, launching your own products is one of the best ways to do that without solely relying on Youtube ad revenue or affiliates sales (see below).

Two Trends Creators & Freelancers Need to Prepare For

Matt Giovanisci, of Money Lab, recently shared how he lost almost $177K in Amazon affiliate revenue, showing how the writing is on the wall for content creators solely relying on affiliate income, need to develop your own products.

Another Example of Why You Need Your Own Website

I’ve seen quite lot of posts about NOT needing your own website, how it’s so much hassle, don’t waste time figuring out web hosting, WordPress, plugins, themes, etc.

They’re happy publishing on a small handful or platforms that are helping them get eyeballs on their content.

But the recent changes made by Instagram, where they’re favoring video content over Reels (short form videos), shows you risk losing everything if you rely on 3rd party platforms.

Sometimes it’s the simplest and old-school methods that work, because it works. It may not be sexy or trendy as going viral on TikTok or Youtube, but at least no one can pull the plug on you without notice.

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