How to Build an Audience of Superfans

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My mantra is always “quality” over “quantity”, but of course, how do you do that?

How do you build an audience of Superfans?

79% of consumers trust an online review as much as they would a recommendation from a friend.

And 94% of shoppers state that just one bad review has convinced them not to buy from a company.


Yikes! 94% won’t buy from just ONE bad review. That’s pretty harsh.

If you want to build an audience of Superfans, you need to manage your reputation (and the reputation of your brand).

CXL just published a useful article on “Reputation Management” which is useful for whether you’re a solo business or a large enterprise.

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George Lucas’s Writing Tower

I am a massive Star Wars fan and a fan of George Lucas. (Growing up, my dream job was to work at ILM or SkyWalker Ranch).

Cal Newport, recently shared the story of how Lucas reconstructed a two-story tower for his “creative” space at the time. In this tower for the next two years, he would work on a script that we now know as “Star Wars”.

It’s an interesting story, read it here.

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