How to Build Your Content Machine

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How to Build Your Content Machine

(Engaging) Content is currently the valuable currency to a successful business.

If you’re a solo-creator or your team consists of you and your partner (or cat/dog), creating content consistently (say that 20 times fast), is one of the challenges I’m constantly faced with battling.

As a systems guy, I understand it’s about creating a system that work for me to make creating consistent content simple and easy (easier said than done, I know).

Matt Giovanisci of Money Labs, shared his content system recently which I’ve summarized here (go sign up for his newsletter, he’s really funny and shares useful tips):

  1. Step 1 starts with an article published to your website/blog
  2. Step 2, use this article as a script for a video, record your video with a smartphone (no fancy equipment needed, just ensure you have good audio/microphone)
  3. Step 3, let your email audience (you’re collecting emails right?!!) know about your article (take bits from. your article as teasers in the email)
  4. Step 4, tweak & publish to your social media properties.
  5. Step 5, extract the audio from your video and publish it as a podcast episode

Voila! You’ve got a framework for a content system courtesy of Matt G.

How to Be a Better Online Course Instructor

If you have an online course or plan to offer online courses as part of your offerings, you might be aware that one of the biggest criticisms of online courses are their abysmal completion rates.

While, I’ve mentioned before that completion rates aren’t the critical metric they’re made to be, having more students complete your courses is a good thing for your long-term business.

Here’s some tips via the Tilt, on how to be better online course instructor and increase your course completion rate:

  • Make your courses shorter. Large courses tend to be overwhelming & students easily fall off when there’s no end in sight for completing the course
  • Make it easy & clear to navigate your course. Students might be looking for something specific, if they can easily skip to that lesson, maybe that’s all they need and they’ll be satisfied
  • Quick wins. If students feel they’re achieving quick wins, they’ll more likely keep progressing.

Facebook Podcasting Scrapped Before It Even Began

I know I drone on and on about not solely relying on any 3rd party platform to build your audience, but it’s not hard to find examples of why for your own business survival it is so critical.

Jon Loomer, shares how Facebook’s short-lived podcasting feature is being shutdown just as he setup everything for his own podcast.

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