How to Start & Grow Your Podcast

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How to Start & Grow a Podcast
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I’m a big fan of leveraging a select media channel to communicate with an audience (e.g. podcasts, email newsletters, video, etc).


…I also shout as loud as I can to anyone who’ll listen, you don’t need to do what everyone else is doing.

I’m a huge believer in focusing on channels that leverage your strengths vs what everyone else is doing.

Just because everyone is launching & running a podcast, doesn’t mean that is the RIGHT channel for you (and your audience).

Podcasts may not be the medium for me, but I love podcasts as a medium for those who are strong in that medium.

A good podcast garners an engaged audience and rabid fan base.

The challenge with podcasts is how saturated the podcast landscape is right now. The barrier to entry is extremely low, which is good and bad.

Jon Loomer, a Facebook Ad specialist, has documented his podcast strategy for re-igniting a dormant podcast he had started years ago. His strategy is useful to anyone, whether you’re thinking about starting a podcast or already have one.

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