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This issue has more of a video creation theme to it. Hope you enjoy!

How to Youtube

Youtube is a medium I’m looking to focus more energy on. I’ve seen decent results from the limited energy & focus I’ve put into it, but this year going forward, I want to put more energy into it.

One person to learn from is Ali Abdaal, a former Cambridge medical graduate turned part-time Youtuber with over 2.3M subscribers.

Consider this a Youtube quickstart bootcamp of his best Youtube tips. And here’s how he makes $130K per month from his Youtube channel.

And here’s a great summary of highlights from Ali’s Part-Time Youtuber Academy.

Selling Books on TikTok

When you think TikTok, you might get images of silly dancing and cats doing cat things (yes, I do believe the Interweb is run by cats, just like my own ginger cat).

But TikTok is proving to be a fierce competitor in the video space to Youtube.

Just like how this book club is leveraging TikTok into real money.

Online Course Creation for Introverts

I’ve been using DemoCreator by Wondershare lately as my video recording & editing tool of choice ever since I moved to a Macbook Air (I was a lifelong Windows user, using Camtasia on my Windows laptop).

They just added a great new feature that is enticing for the Introverted and/or camera-shy course creators out there…

DemoCreator is adding an AI Virtual Presenter feature to the app.

So, if you don’t want to show your real face on-screen when teaching, you can easily turn yourself into an animated virtual presenter (mimicking your expressions too!).

It’s currently only available on the Windows version of the app, so I’m waiting for the update for the MAC version so I can test it out myself.

But I thought this was too good to not share.

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