Lessons from a failed agency

One of the businesses I started years ago was an a marketing agency.

And I absolutely hated it.

I won’t get into the details of it in this post, but what I realized was:

  • I don’t like working one-on-one with clients
  • I MUCH rather sell products (or productized services)
  • I preferred creating useful content vs providing services and having “clients”
  • Hiring sales people to sell a service can tank your business if you make some critical mistakes (which I learned as well)

And what I’m seeing in the current digital agency space is a lot of turmoil and small agencies closing.

The smart agency players have already shifted their business models away from the standard agency service model.

Recently, Justin Moore of Creator Wizard, shared how his own agency failed and closed it down.

There are quite a few lessons he shares that I’m positive would apply to many other agencies out there.

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