How to Build Profitable Paid Google Ads (aka Adwords) Search Campaigns

No-Nonsense Google Ads Search Traffic Training

In this workshop, I share practical tips and lessons on turning your paid search campaigns into profits

You're Leaving Money on the Table If Paid Search Campaigns Are Not a Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy...

Searches performed via Google

...approximately 75% of all global Internet searches are done via Google Search.

People performing searches are actively searching for products and services...your products & services, so you could be missing out if paid search campaigns are not a part of your marketing strategy.

But many people don't know if their paid search campaigns are profitable or even worse losing money.

Not only that, if you're only advertising on Facebook, you'll have seen Facebook ad costs skyrocket by over 100%. That means if you're solely relying on Facebook ads a traffic source, you could be losing money.

In this no nonsense training, I show you how to plan and implement paid search campaigns with a proven framework and process.

Here's What's Covered

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    Why Google Ads Search?
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    Who typically manages a search campaign?
  • check
    Search vs Display
  • check
    Why paid search is important more than ever
  • check
    What you need to do before planning your search campaigns - crucial steps many agencies & clients don't do.
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    What is attribution modelling?
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    How to select the right attribution model for your business
  • check
    Planning your paid search campaigns
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    How to get your targeting right & laser-focused
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    Mapping your customer profile to your marketing funnel
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    How to setup search campaign performance monitoring
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    Keyword research
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    How to Structure Your Search Campaigns for profitability
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    How to scale up profitable campaigns
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    How not to lose money from your campaigns
  • check
    Adwords ads writing tips
  • check
    Keyword match types explained
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    Ad extensions
  • check
    Quality Score explained
  • check
    How to improve your Quality Score
  • check
    Bidding options explained
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    Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - Measuring your search campaign performance
  • check
    Must-have campaigns
  • check
    How to select a digital agency that doesn't just spend your money

How Is This Training Different?

Unlike other Google Ads training courses, we don't focus on how to spend your ad budget (which is where many agency delivered workshops are focused). 

We focus on showing you how to best use your ad spend to meet your business goals, whether it's generating leads and/or generating a positive return for your business.

Also, very few have an experienced instructor with 20 years experience. Would you choose an instructor with less than ten years experience or someone with twenty years and more?

Also, these are the lessons I learned using MY OWN money, not someone else's money. That changes the dynamic of how I learned to manage a campaign.

Here's What You Get


Our expert instructor shares real-world lessons and tips in creating & managing profitable paid search campaigns.


Attendees receive practical downloadable resources & tools for running profitable campaigns.


Attendees may ask questions relating to your own search campaigns.

Who should take this course?

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    Small business owners
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    Marketers & Digital marketers
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    Freelance designers
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    Web designers & developers
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    IT professionals with little to no marketing knowledge

What people say

9 out of 10

Niall Founder, Elementz Interactive

9 out of 10

Penny Cheung

Hi Vincent & Fiona,

Thank you for your time today. It was a good sharing. Recommended to everyone who want to do better on your business, Vincent & Fiona are here and willing to help and share their expertise.

Once again, thank you!

Nadkalpur Manju

Dear Vincent and Fiona,

Thank you for an engaging and a lively session on how an entrepreneur can go about building his client base while continuing to sustain his business.

Some key takeaways for me:

  1. Your Meetup group acting as an informal advisory board for an entrepreneur
  2. Accountability partners holding you to your business commitments
  3. Learning from outside your line of business
  4. Above all keep an open mind

How is this course different from other similar courses?


I unlock tips and secrets many other courses don't talk about.


What works in theory is different from what works in real-life, I share my lessons learned.


Each session is limited to only 8 people so you get the best coaching & attention during the workshop.

About Your Coach/Instructor: Vincent Po

Vincent has over 20 years of sales & marketing experience from listed companies to starting up his own companies.

Vincent worked for one of the largest computer distributors in Western Canada as an account sales.

He was also the Head of Marketing for Asia-Pacific for the training division of a large listed UK media company.

He co-founded a global training company of his own and is founder of Virtual Tree an international digital marketing agency.

Vincent is Google Adwords Search Certified.

Vincent's unique skills lie in having marketing & business skills coupled with a technical computing & programming background.

Vincent's passionate about business, marketing, software, technology, AI, automation and is a lifelong student of these areas.


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    Exact same content coverage as the in-person training
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    Lifetime access to this edition (does not include future updates)

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