Psychological Pricing Strategies

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Psychological Pricing Strategies

To be a kick-ass marketer, I believe you need to study two things:

  1. Human psychology
  2. Foundational marketing principles

How you price your products and services is a topic I love studying.

Nick Kolenda does some wonderful research into human psychology. Here he shares 13 psychological pricing strategies you can easily implement to get customers to buy more.

B2B Buyers On TikTok? Coming Right Up!

TikTok is proving to be a great channel for content distribution and being discovered.

On the surface, you wouldn’t think B2B is a great area to test out on TikTok.

But this marketer ran an experiment and got B2B buyers for $5.77/lead.

Everyone’s Writing a Book, Shouldn’t You?

A bit snarky I know, but if you’re a knowledge expert, then I still think a book is a far better calling card than a run-of-the-miill business card. (Do people still exchange business cards? Or do you just send them to your LinkedIn profile?)

Here’s how you can use a book to get clients.

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