Website Audit & Analysis

Website Audit & Analysis

Do you have a website for your business but feel that it could be performing better for your business?

What Has Your Website Done for You Lately?

  • Is your website generating a landslide of leads for your business (even while you sleep)?
  • Is your website turning away potential clients or inviting them to spend money with you?
  • Is your website helping you answer questions for potential clients or creating confusion with your prospects?

How Does a Website Audit Help Your Business?

Virtual Tree’s website audit analyses your present website in terms of goals and objectives and key performance indicators and gives you recommendations to help you:

  • Increase sales leads
  • Convert more sales
  • Increase web traffic

Why Virtual-Tree Website Audit?

Website Analysis Reports

Virtual-Tree’s website audit uses our proprietary, tried-and-tested checklist to go through your website systematically to analyse weak areas and where major improvements can be made.

We go through over 16 major areas of your website in our proprietary checklist that has been developed by our Chief Web Marketing Consultant who has over 15 yrs sales, marketing and web marketing experience.

We use this proprietary checklist to provide specific recommendations for your website and business. We don’t give “cookie cutter” recommendations.

We only take on a small handful of website audits at any one time, if we reach our limit for the present time period we have to turn you away.

Just like having an annual medical checkup to ensure that you’re body and health is running at maximum performance, your website needs a “check-up” every once in awhile to ensure that your website is performing at its maximum.

Virtual-Tree’s website audits tell you what’s ailing your website AND how to improve it.

Chief Web Marketing Expert

Each website audit report is supervised and signed off by our Chief Web Marketing Expert.

He has over 15yrs experience in sales and marketing. He’s helped his client websites overtake major competitors in organic search rankings and brand awareness.

Wayne understands that web marketing today is a rapid-moving target and is an avid student of online marketing. He’s regularly devouring the latest techniques AND testing them out in real-life situations.

He’s worked for established listed-companies and startups.

His experience includes sales and marketing to many geographic markets such as Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe and Middle-East.

Through his experience, he has developed his proprietary website analysis checklist for websites that work.

How Does It Work?

  1. Order & Payment. Complete your order and payment. All Website Audits are pre-paid.
  2. Complete the pre-audit questionnaire. You’ll be taken to a comprehensive questionnaire that will let us understand the objectives of your website and where you would like to see improvements.
  3. Audit Process . Once you have provided all the required information from the questionnaire, we’ll begin working on the detailed analysis of your website.
  4. Delivery of Audit Report. After about 7-10 business days, you’ll receive your detailed audit report (the report will be a PDF file that is emailed to you) to turning your website into a profitable asset.

Pricing & Ordering

Would increasing your revenue and profits by 10%, 20%, 30% or more sound good to you?

Hiring a full-time marketing person or consultant would cost you upwards of HK$20,000 and more and still be worth it if you see exponential improvements.

However, you won’t need to pay nearly that much with Virtual-Tree’s Website Audit service, each Website Audit (one audit per domain) is only HK$2,500.

Start plugging the holes in your website to stop your sales from leaking away and start building a more profitable website with a website audit.

Virtual-Tree’s Website Audit will pay for itself and more.


For a limited time, all new website audit & analysis orders receive as a bonus:

  • HK$300 Coupon Off Custom Website Design Orders


Contact us:sales {at} virtual-tree {dot} comto get started

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