The Not So Quick Road to $100M Creator Success

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Social media has a way of warping our perceptions of reality.

We’re constantly presented with “ideal” and “picture-perfect” examples of success. When in reality, it’s nothing but.

Nathan Berry, founder of ConvertKit, recently shared that ConvertKit will reach $100M in TOTAL revenue. That’s an incredible achievement, but he also shared the ten products he launched (many of which failed) before he launched ConvertKit.

It’s an eye-opening share that helps keep us grounded in reality, that overnight success really only happens over time rather than overnight.

Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

As Creators of anything (SaaS, content, knowledge, etc), you are naturally vulnerable to imposter syndrome (“Am I good enough?”, “Is my product good enough?”, “Am I wasting my time?” – and EVER…SINGLE…ONE…OF…US feels this.

Here’s a few ways to deal with imposter syndrome.

How Did Wordle Go Viral?

You may have seen the Twitterverse littered with Wordle’s (the word quiz game) blocks being shared.

Wordle kind of came out of nowhere and suddenly was everywhere.

Here’s a look at how the the Wordle game designer, Josh Wardle, designed it for virality.

Why LinkedIn Has Become (Even More) Uncool

Out of all the social media channels, I enjoy Twitter a lot. Especially as a Creator.

But since I’m mostly in B2B, LinkedIn is supposedly be THE place to be for B2B right?

Unfortunately, my own experience tells me no, it’s a cesspool of desperation and self-promotion.

I feel more vindicated that Trung Phan, writer for The Hustle and Twitter-Meme-King, also wrote about how LinkedIn is so cringe.

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