What Should You Build: Audience or Community?

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What Should You Build: Audience or Community?

Audiences and communities are buzzwords I hear a lot of when it comes to the creator economy.

This look at audiences vs communities really made me think about what I’m focusing on and which I’m looking to build.

(For me, it’s building an audience).

What about you?

Is Being Too Transparent Hurting Your Business?

Jack Arturo, Founder & Creator of WPFusion, published his 2021 year in review.

It’s an interesting look at the tools being used (and how they’re being used) – especially content creators.

He brings up an interesting view on why he’s so transparent about his business (with the risk of others copying him).

An interesting read.

The Science of When to Post

I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of worrying about the most specific times to post, but if you’re into that, this is an interesting look at the most optimal times to post content.

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