You’re evicted

John hired the best architect he could afford, spent as much as his budget allowed on the best materials he could get his hands on and built his dream home upon a plot of land he rented from a “friend”.

John loved this home.

He spent hours grooming the garden, he spent his money on maintaining the home and even expanding it.

Then one day his “friend” told him, “Sorry John, I sold this land to someone else. You have to move in 14 days.”

If you’ve built your business based solely on Facebook likes, Facebook page followers, Amazon Seller, Kickstarter campaigns, LinkedIn groups, etc – then you’re no different than John.

You’ve built your dream home (your business) on rented land.

The land owners can evict you at any time they want.

Don’t be like John.

Build assets that you own.

Like getting your Facebook followers, Amazon customers and Kickstarter backers (or whatever crowdfunding site you use) onto an email list.

Don’t know how to do that?

I can show you how, as I help my clients build assets that you own and add value to your business.

Just shoot me an email here.


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