How to Hire A-Level Talent Without Wasting Time

The A-Team Alchemy Recruitment System Training

In this workshop, I share our unconventional system for hiring & recruiting A-level talent while cutting down the time normally wasted.

Does the thought of hiring staff give you a headache?

A-Team Alchemy Recruitment System

Hiring staff is a huge pain.

Candidates don't show up... have to spend a lot of time pouring over CV's/resumes...
...when you make that hire, you find out they can't do the job properly...
...candidates that have a great interview end up being one of your worst hires, these are just some of the nightmares of hiring & recruiting.

We'll share with you our unconventional yet effective system for recruiting & hiring A-level talent.

Here's What's Covered

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    How to write a kickass job ad that stands out
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    How to automate the filtering & selection of applicants without reading a single CV
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    The A-Team Vetting Process before you arrange a single interview
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    Changing your recruitment mindset to this gets you better talent and find those diamonds in the rough
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    The preferred (& little-known) test that tells you whether the candidate is perfect for the job or not and is more accurate the Myers-Briggs
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    The objective method for evaluating a candidate removing all bias

Here's What You Get


Our expert instructor shares real-world lessons and tips in hiring/recruiting talent with our exclusive system.


Attendees receive practical downloadable resources & templates for your recruitment process.


Attendees may ask questions relating to your own hiring issues.

Who should take this training?

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    Small business owners
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    Anyone responsible for hiring and recruitment

How is this course different from other similar courses?


I unlock tips and secrets many other courses don't talk about.


What works in theory is different from what works in real-life, I share my lessons learned.


Each session is limited to only 18 people so you get the best coaching & attention during the workshop.

About Your Coach/Instructor: Vincent Po

Vincent has over 20 years of sales & marketing experience from listed companies to starting up his own companies.

Vincent worked for one of the largest computer distributors in Western Canada as an account sales.

He was also the Head of Marketing for Asia-Pacific for the training division of a large listed UK media company.

He co-founded a global training company of his own and is founder of Virtual Tree digital marketing agency.

Vincent is Google Adwords Search Certified.

Vincent's unique skills lie in having marketing & business skills coupled with a technical computing & programming background.

Vincent's passionate about business, marketing, software, technology, AI, automation and is a lifelong student of these areas.

Limited to 18 Seats Only

Each session is limited to only 18 seats, so book your seat early.


All sessions taught in English unless otherwise specified.

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