Are You Losing Money with Your Google Ads Campaigns and May Not Even Know It?

Google Ads (a.k.a. Adwords) Account Audit Review

This service reviews and does a complete audit of your Google Ads (formerly Adwords) account and tells you where and how to improve your account performance.

Regular fee is USD499 per audit review.

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You’re Leaving Money on the Table If Paid Search Campaigns Are Not a Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy…

…approximately 75% of all global Internet searches are done via Google Search.

People performing searches are actively searching for products and services…your products & services, so you could be missing out if paid search campaigns are not a part of your marketing strategy.

But many people don’t know if their paid search campaigns are profitable or even worse losing money.

With Virtual Tree’s Adwords Account Audit Review service, I do a complete diagnosis of the current state of your Adwords account and provide suggestions on how to improve your account performance.

You May Be Losing Money or Paying More Than You Should…

Many Adwords advertisers I speak to, tell me they’re not satisfied with their current Adwords campaign performance.

That’s not surprising, if you’re managing your own Adwords campaigns, you may not know about all the little nuances and settings that are best for you business.

Alternatively, I’ve seen many so-called digital marketing agencies or freelancers not setup a client account properly or do not have enough skills to manage an account properly.

Resulting in YOU paying more for your ad spend or even worse, losing money.

How Is This Service Different?

Unlike other Adwords service providers, we don’t focus on how to spend your ad budget (which is where many agencies are focused). 

We focus on showing you how to best use your ad spend to meet your business goals, whether it’s generating leads and/or generating a positive return for your business.

We also use our proprietary OAP (Optimized Adwords Profits) Methodology to assess your account.

Also, very few have an experienced reviewer with 20 years experience. Would you choose someone with less than ten years experience or someone with twenty years and more?

Here’s What You Get


We use our proprietary OAP (Optimized Adwords Profits) methodology to assess and diagnose your Adwords account. 


Your audit review is recorded as a video, so you may refer back to it as much as necessary.


Clients receive actionable suggestions to improve your account.

If you choose to hire Virtual Tree to implement these changes and manage your Adwords account going forward, we’ll credit your Audit Review fee to your first month’s fees, so you get your Audit Review for FREE.

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Google Ads Audit

Regular fee is USD499 per audit review.

  • Using our proprietary OAP methodology to audit your account
  • Recorded video audit for your future reference
  • Actionable suggestions you can delegate to others or you may choose to have us implement for you



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