Don't hire a digital marketer or launch a digital marketing campaign until you read this...

Digital Marketing Specialist for Startups & SMEs

Not all digital marketing professionals are created equal. Anyone who's been online and created an online ad account calls themselves a "digital marketer" and usually unsuspecting companies like yours will be the ones who find out the hard way that these mistakes costs you lost of money.

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...You may be making a costly mistake.

I meet many entrepreneurs and startup founders in my work.

Many make the same mistakes when it comes to hiring digital marketers, digital marketing agencies or even launching your own digital marketing campaigns.

But that's not really your fault.

Most entrepreneurs and founders aren't equipped or trained to know what to look for.

You might have a completely different background, like a programmer or banker or lawyer, roles that had very little exposure to digital marketing.

The Digital Marketing Specialist service is an exclusive service to help your business do digital marketing and grow your business the RIGHT way because we focus on the fundamental core concepts, not what's trendy or what everyone is doing.

How Does This Work?

  1. For all prospective clients, we'll sit down with you and do an assessment of your business: where you are now, what your goals are and what you want digital marketing to achieve for you.
  2. If it looks like we're suitable to work together, we'll determine the monthly fees for you
  3. Once fees and objectives are agreed upon, we'll get started on growing your business!

Who should consider this service?

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    Business owners
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    Coaches & Consultants
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    SaaS companies

Why Choose Virtual Tree's Digital Marketing Specialist Service?


If we take you on as a client, you can expect that we treat your business as if it's our own.

We don't take on direct competitors to existing client's businesses so you know with 100% that we are committed to your success and not helping your competitors.

How many other agencies can make this declaration?


Me and my senior managers oversee all client accounts.

That means bringing over 20 years of sales and marketing experience to YOUR business.


All our digital marketing specialists must complete our mandatory digital marketing bootcamp training to learn our marketing methods.

We also have a proprietary method for recruiting and finding the right people for specific digital marketing strategies.

Your Digital Marketing Director: Vincent Po

Vincent has over 20 years of sales & marketing experience from listed companies to starting up two of his own companies.

Vincent worked for one of the largest computer distributors in Western Canada as an account sales.

He was also the Head of Marketing for Asia-Pacific for the training division of a large listed UK media company.

He co-founded a global training company of his own and is founder of Virtual Tree digital marketing agency.

Vincent is Google Adwords Search Certified and a Certified Funnel Expert.

Vincent's unique skills lie in having marketing & business skills coupled with a technical computing & programming background.

Vincent's passionate about business, marketing, software, technology, AI, automation and is a lifelong student of these areas.

How Much Is the Investment?

Each client requirement is different. The final fee takes into account your goals and objectives and the amount of work required.

At a minimum, fees for a dedicated digital marketing specialist start at HKD12,000 per month (not including any advertising costs and necessary tools). So, you should have a budget allocation of this amount at a minimum.

The only thing we can tell you upfront is, you won't have to worry about overhead costs such as:

  • Office space or a seat in your office
  • No need to worry about MPF
  • No need to worry about training (we take care of that already)

Apply Now

To get things started, please complete the application form below and someone will get in touch with you within 1-2 business days.

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