Need quality leads? Need to build your email list but don’t know how? Don’t buy another email list or web scraping service until you read this…

…let us help you build your email list and send you leads that are active & fresh. Introducing, Autopilot Leads™.

If you’re still buying email lists, you’re being scammed and you risk ruining your business reputation and suffering huge fines.

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Not Sure If This is Right for You? Get a Complimentary Lead Generation Checkup Session

Get a complimentary 30-minute lead generation checkup session with one of our specialists to assess your current lead generation efforts. No obligations.


…You may be making a costly mistake.

Here’s a question for you, are you:

  • Scraping websites for emails?
  • Buying email lists from 3rd party data vendors with unknown data sources?
  • Sourcing emails & contacts from unknown sources?

You’re making a huge and potentially costly mistake.

First, harvesting emails from websites and then sending them broadcast emails (email blasts) without their permission is illegal and breaks any international privacy and spam laws around the world.

Two, buying email lists from third party data sellers, you have no way of verifying the validity of those emails, but not only that…

…Thirdly, those people’s data being sold to you? They never consented to receiving email from you. So, you risk ruining your business reputation, putting your company on blacklisted spam lists and potentially setting yourself up for massive regulatory fines that could cripple if not kill your business entirely.

If you’re sending emails (or any marketing messages) to lists of people who never asked for it, your email marketing will FAIL and you’ll see poor results.

“So, how do I get more leads and build my email list properly?”

That’s a question I encounter very often. It’s why we designed our Lead Generation and Email List Building service to do exactly that, send you quality leads and help build your email lists.

The Autopilot Leads™ service is a revolutionary way to get quality, fresh and targeted leads that is also compliant with international data privacy regulations.

This service leverages all our marketing knowledge and experience into a seamless service for you.

We do not use any “black hat” or non-compliant methods such as:

  • Web scraping (or use of web scraping software tools)
  • Unknown list/data purchases
  • Or any other non-compliant method for list building and lead generation that could violate international data privacy and spam regulations.

What industries and niches are available?

Here’s some examples of niches and industries we currently and/or can service (but not limited to just these examples):

  • Procurement software & boutique consultancies
  • Supply chain management software & boutique consultancies
  • Live training courses & seminars
  • Human Resources (HR) professionals
  • CFO’s & senior finance executives
  • Digital marketers
  • SaaS businesses
  • Entrepreneurs & small business owners
  • Professional services (e.g. accountants, audit firms, legal firms, etc)
  • Health & Fitness (Yoga, Pilates, Gyms & Fitness studios)
  • Pets
  • Service Industries (e.g. Landscaping, Home Renovations, Electricians, Plumbing, etc)
  • More coming soon

Do you have an office in my city?

The simple answer is, no. We use a proven system and process to research and understand each client’s target audience, this includes taking into account the geography of your target audience.

We’ve been marketing to multiple countries for over two decades so we understand the nuances of different markets. In fact, we’re specialists in marketing across different geographic markets.

Also, if there is any geographic market we feel we can’t deliver results in, we’re let you know and refer you to someone else. We never take on a client we can’t help.

I usually suggest to potential clients and clients alike to change the question “Do you have an office in my city or are you located locally in my city?” to “Are you the best to help my business?”. After all, from our two decades of experience, we’ve seen if you restrict yourself to only working with someone with a local presence, you are limiting your business to working with the BEST in the industry.

Imagine you need a highly difficult brain surgery and the only brain surgeon in the world who can perform this surgery for you is NOT located in your city? Would you reject getting the crucial surgery because the surgeon does not live in your city or would you fly to the surgeon or fly the surgeon in to get that surgery done?

The choice is yours. 

Who should use this service?

  • B2B businesses
  • SaaS businesses
  • Coaches, Consultants, Knowledge experts
  • You sell to other businesses
  • Any business that needs QUALITY leads that are consenting to learning more about your business product and service.

We reserve the right to decline service to businesses that are considered high-risk, highly-sensitive or not suitable for this service.

Not Sure If This is Right for You? Get a Complimentary Lead Generation Checkup Session

Get a complimentary 30-minute lead generation checkup session with one of our specialists to assess your current lead generation efforts. No obligations.


How is this service different from list buying?


Our service is built in a way that we present your business (product and service) to the relevant contacts and audience that is compliant with all international data privacy and spam regulations.

They choose whether they want to learn more about your product, service or business – thus, they are giving consent for you to contact them further.


Web scraping, list buying and any other dubious “list building” tactics are not real marketing assets for your business.

With our service, the leads we send you are yours to keep and handle as you see fit.


When you buy lists or scrape the web for emails, you have no way of verifying the quality and freshness of the contact details.

All the leads we send you are active and fresh.

How It Works

First, if your application is accepted, we’ll sit down with you and map out your ideal lead or prospect you wish to target.

Second, we’ll setup the proper marketing assets to attract the leads you wish to target if we don’t already have something already in place.

We use every tool and method we know in our toolbox to do this and is transparent to you.

Third, leads start getting sent to you via email as we receive them.

You just sit back and receive leads.

You reply back to enquiries, turn them into customers, add them to your internal lists, etc

Fourth, turn it off if you no longer need it.

While we’d hate to see you go, if you’ve got too many leads to handle or need to stop the service, just let us know 30 days before your next billing date and your service will stop.

How Much Is the Investment?

There’s two ways we can help you with lead generation and email list building with our Autopilot Leads™ service:

Instance 1

Best Value


Autopilot Leads™ Standard

Hands-free, we send you targeted leads, you only pay for the leads we send you

  • Relevant leads are automatically sent to you as we receive them, no limits on leads sent to you
  • Leads are guaranteed to be fresh and active at time of receipt
  • Exclusive: we limit clients in any one-specific industry to only between 1 within a specific geographic location at any one time for as long as you are a client
  • Best for SaaS companies, Startups, small businesses, marketing departments who want hands-off approach, less headaches
  • Setup fee starts at USD397 + monthly fee starts at USD1500 month (there are no other additional traffic fees, just one flat fee per month)
  • Fees will depend on your business, type of targeted leads, etc



Autopilot Leads™ Platinum

We design and build a lead generation & list building funnel for you.

  • You own the final lead generation marketing funnel
  • Generated leads are 100% owned by you
  • Best for mid-large companies or businesses with a minimum of  USD500K annual revenue or more
  • We continue to monitor, manage and optimize your funnel on an on-going basis
  • Monthly performance reports
  • Fees start at USD12,000 and up + monthly/annual maintenance fee

Not Sure If This is Right for You? Get a Complimentary Lead Generation Checkup Session

Get a complimentary 30-minute lead generation checkup session with one of our specialists to assess your current lead generation efforts. No obligations.


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