Zero to $3K Apprenticeship

In this apprenticeship, 20+ year veteran in the B2B knowledge expert space, your instructor shares a simple, proven and repeatable process for getting to your first few thousand dollars.

Assignments, feedback & Q&A’s with the expert instructor.

Unlimited Access
Fees: USD 49 pilot offer

Proven frameworks & processes that can be repeated.

Practical development program with exercises to get you from zero to cash.

I’m supposed to have some super persuasive copy here explaining why you should get this.

But I’m not compelled to do that here. I’m not going to retire selling a “$49” product.

I want to genuinely and sincerely get this into the hands of as many deserving people as I can.

There’s no:

No fake countdown timer.
No fake scarcity play.
No limited seats to “just” 100 people…
No “I’m going to take this down in a day.”

Enroll when you can, BUT…

…why wait until later to start earning a few thousand dollars?

I’ve made this as affordable as I felt it can be while still valuing my time, but I also want to ensure you have some skin the game.


In this apprenticeship, you’ll design & create:

  • Why consultants & coaches crash and burn upon take-off
  • How to avoid nightmare clients and attract clients who bring you joy
  • What is the shortcut to establishing authority?
  • How to stand out like a beacon of light
  • How to overcome the dilemma of giving away too much information while demonstrating your expertise
  • The mistake new consultants/coaches make that sends potential clients running away
  • How to set yourself up for better income & avoid the typical income traps
  • Why most cold outreach fails
  • Putting everything together into a simple and repeatable process to get clients

The training is amazing!

“…Thank you, by the way the training is amazing!”
Chika A.


Zero to $3K Apprenticeship, Join the Waitlist

Length: 2 weeks
Dates: TBA
Fees: USD49 pilot offer


Vincent is a 20 years and counting veteran in the B2B Consulting & Coaching industry.

His experience spans over two decades marketing & selling business experts to multinational enterprises, government agencies, financial institutions in over 100+ countries around the world.


Zero to $3K Apprenticeship, Join the Waitlist

Length: 2 weeks
Dates: TBA
Fees: USD 49 pilot offer

The Virtual Tree Guarantee

There is NO refund nor any 365 day guarantee. I don’t need that to “boost” the conversions for this program.

If this is a deal-breaker for you, that’s ok – the easy solution is don’t buy.


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