Do you need more leads? More sales? More traffic? Strategies to boost your online business?

If you manage your own business you’re probably responsible for many jobs in your business. With so much responsibility, you don’t have time to work on the important things such as building your business.

Why do you need consulting when there’s so much free information on the Internet?

This leads back to the beginning, you don’t have time to read through so much information and filter out what information is the real thing and what is useless to you.

Also, there’s no such thing as a cookie cutter answer to business strategies, your business is unique and deserves to be managed with strategies that are right for your business.

One of the most common complaints of business owners and managers is that you don’t have enough time to go through so much information AND put that information into action.

99% of the time, the business problems that you face have been previously faced by someone else. Let us help you solve those problems.

Virtual Tree online business consulting helps you save time and concentrate on implementing strategies rather than only reading about them. We help you put strategies into action rather than never having the time to put things into action.

That’s how you grow your business.

Consulting Service Specialties

  • Website Marketing: We offer advice to you regarding how to market and promote your website
  • Lead Generation: Virtual Tree can help you increase your sales leads
  • Sales Conversion Optimisation: Gain more sales with your existing traffic
  • Overall Marketing Strategy: We’re not just experts at online marketing, we specialise in Direct Response Marketing. We have experience in other marketing tactics such as Direct Mailing, Direct Response Ads and more. If you need help with marketing offers, campaigns and marketing materials we can help you.
  • Business Strategy: Business is about systems and processes, let us help you work out the optimal systems and processes for your business so you spend more time working ON your business rather than working in it.
  • Software & Technology Advice: Cut your costs and improve efficiency in your business with our software and technology recommendations that’s suitable for your business

How does it work?

Suitability: Since consulting engagements are limited to only 5 clients at any one time, we only want to help clients who are suitable for consulting projects. You will be in a very exclusive group.

This involves answering some questions about your business and the reasons for considering consulting help. We take our consulting assignments seriously so we expect our clients to do the same.

Right now you may be thinking that hiring our consulting services must be extremely expensive or out of your budget – you’ll be surprised we don’t charge as much as you would think.

This is just another reason why we have to select the right clients to consult with since we could be charging more for this service but we price it in a way that is acceptable to small businesses and brings you value.

Assessment: Once you’ve been accepted as a consulting client, we’ll arrange a time to learn more about your business and the objectives you want to obtain from consulting help. This is where we work with you to examine the measurable results to aim for.

Format: To keep costs low for you, consulting sessions are conducted through Skype, Telephone or Webinars. Sessions are structured to optimise the time with our consultant.

Duration: Each consulting assignment is different, as it depends on the goals you wish to reach. However, in most cases to see measurable results we recommend a minimum of a 6-month assignment.

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