Are you building on rented land?

AirBnB has recently removed 80%(!!!) of it’s listings in Japan as new regulations for owners and people listing properties on AirBnB become active.

I’ve been hearing a lot of people specifically buying up property for the sole purpose of letting/renting on AirBnB, so it’s kind of like a business for some people.

But as I’ve mentioned before in some of our business mentoring session, never, ever rely on a third-party platform as your sole source of business (e.g. Facebook).

While the regulations Japan has implemented are meant to protect renters (and I agree with such regulations that ensure safety), those who reply on AirBnB are going to get burned if not already.

So, remember, have an “Asset” mindset where you have the most control over what happens rather than being at the mercy of any one platform, whether it be AirBnB, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

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