Don’t listen to experts, gurus or even me

I just read a profanity laden post ranting about email marketing in one of the marketing Facebook groups I’m in.

I don’t mind profanity and I respect the guy who posted the rant.

But if I had clients who saw that post, I’d tell them not to listen to that rant. In fact, don’t listen to me either unless…

…I know in full detail what your business is about and who your ideal customer is.

See, the rant went on about how anyone still pushing email marketing or even performing email marketing is a has-been. He went on to describe how he’d do marketing now (don’t get me wrong, he’s a smart marketer) but all I saw were tactics. he was pushing Snapchat and SMS and Facebook messenger chat bots.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with that except that is purely tactical.

If your business targets CEO’s or CFO’s, Snapchat is not the way to go nor is a Facebook chatbot messenger campaign. Because according to the audience I’m targeting, that’s not the place to be or spending your money.

Here’s what I do know, email has been profitable and (still) works for me and many big businesses. Is it the right channel for EVERY business? Maybe not. For example, if my business is targeting Mainland China, email is not the channel I would focus on, it would be WeChat.

So, if you read about how you should be on Snapchat, or whatever social media flavour of the month from any so-called expert or guru, just don’t listen. Because those are just tactics (and tactics without a proper strategy or following principles are dangerous).

The best thing to do is to know the fundamental principles of marketing.

Principles never go out of date. Principles may be applied to any medium (email, Facebook Snapchat, WeChat, etc) and ANY technology.

If you want to learn the fundamental principles, check out the Certified Digital Marketing Specialist (CDMS) course.

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