Why I don’t worry about the content hamster wheel

What’s the content hamster wheel you ask?

It’s that never-ending misconception that in order to “do social media” properly, we have to create a ton of content and post to social media.

If you know me, I’m very unconventional and think of myself as a contrarian.

That means I don’t play by the same rules, I create my own rules.

I consider myself a automation and systemizing nerd/geek.

Because as entrepreneurs (real entrepreneurs, not the wannabes who just TALK about wanting to be an entrepreneur), we need to leverage software and technology as much possible because our time is the most valuable asset we have.

Part of my social media automation process that allows me to NOT get on the content hamster wheel is using a great tool called Missinglettr.

It automatically takes your blog feed and turns it into a year’s worth of content for each piece of content you post. It automatically spaces out each re-purposed post so it doesn’t overwhelm your feeds too.

How is that for automation on steroids?

If you want to get off the content hamster wheel of social media, head over to Missinglettr and sign up for a free account and try it out.

*Disclaimer: I do get a commission if you signup for a paid plan with Missinglettr. It doesn’t change the fact that I use it myself, but you make the choice yourself if it’s right for you. 

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