Marketing Your Website with Copywriting – The Art of Persuasion

If you ask any successful business person (especially online entrepreneurs), they’ll tell you the one KEY factor to their success is understanding how to write persuasively. ¬†This is known as copywriting.

What is Copywriting?

Simply put, Copywriting is the art of writing persuasively. It’s selling with the written word.

Why is Copywriting So Important?

Because it touches on EVERYTHING you do to make your business successful, such as:

  • Writing persuasive ads that get people to click on them or respond to
  • Writing persuasive sales offers that convert visitors into paying customers
  • Writing persuasive product descriptions so that it creates a desire in your visitors to want to give you money (think Apple products)
  • Write emails that get your subscribers to take the action you want them to take
  • Writing a business pitch to get funding
  • Persuading a partner to work with you
  • and much more

So, you can see learning the art of copywriting is truly important to creating a successful business.

Copywriting Resources

If you want to learn from the best on copywriting, here are my favourite resources:

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