The Most Common Mistake People Make With Business Websites

“Nothing happens in business until something gets sold.” – Thomas J. Watson Jr., IBM

I see this with a lot with people that come to us to build a website for them, they have this great idea for a website and all they need to do is put up a pretty website and the money will start rolling in!

Unfortunately, that’s not how it really works in real life…

The most common mistake I see with clients and prospective clients is that you have to remember you are looking to create and build a business. Not just a website but a business.

The website is just a channel and medium for reaching your target customers.

Putting up a website doesn’t guarantee your business will do well. For your business to do well, you need to have a strategy for:

  • Reaching your target audience
  • Attracting your target audience
  • Turning prospects into paying customers
  • Having customers return to do business with you
  • Creating/Adding new products & services for your customers

Having a website makes doing this a lot easier than before the Internet age but remember the website is just a channel & medium for communicating with your audience.

A website is not a magic bullet that will magically make you rich.

If you realise that there’s a lot of work involved with getting traffic to your website, turning web visitors into customers and building a business from this customer base then you’re on the right path.

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