How This Creator Took a Boring Topic & Made It Fun & Profitable

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Microsoft Excel.


Google Sheets.

To some, these words may yield a yawn. To others it may yield extreme excitement. (I’m being serious)

While Excel (and spreadsheets) has been around for years (I think even before Captain America was stuck in ice), a lot of data tasks have moved on from Excel spreadsheets to apps like Tableau or Power BI.

But somehow, spreadsheets still maintain a warm & fuzzy place in people’s hearts.

I don’t know if I would describe it as “fun”, but one creator has done something we all wish we could achieve…

…go viral with a boring topic such as spreadsheets.


Enter, the story (and future legend) of Kat Norton (a.k.a. The Miss Excel).

In our own business, we used to sell a course on Financial Modelling in Excel. It did well for a while until the market became entirely saturated with low-priced courses on Financial Modelling in Excel.

Kat Norton’s success is pretty genius though.

She’s leveraged the medium of TikTok and Instagram to build a successful B2B creator-business (in a boring topical area too).

This thread breaks down her success into five simple (actually, it’s never simple is it?) steps.

*Sidenote: The Miss Excel uses Thinkific to sell her Excel courses.

How to Get More Twitter Followers

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You can gain much more organic traction than channels like Facebook.

Here’s ten tips to get more Twitter followers.

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