What’s Next?

Now that you have completed all the tutorials in this series, you’re probably wondering what’s the next step?

As we mentioned before, having an online business is a tough job and the environment in the online business world is constantly changing at a rapid pace with each day.

So, the key thing for you to keep on top of things is to do the following:

  • Continue learning – as mentioned, there’s so much changing everyday, you NEED to keep reading and learning about what’s going on and how the you have to change and adapt to grow your business
  • Keep testing – we mentioned before that you need to test for what works for YOUR business. Never stop testing.
  • Develop your copywriting skills – perfect the art of writing persuasively

Here are some great resources that I have found useful to help you continue learning:

Direct Marketing


Testing and Analytics

Business & Entrepreneurs

There are a lot more great resources out there but these are the ones that I have enjoyed and found useful over the years.

This is the last lesson in the Free Web Design & Business Guide, I hope you have enjoyed it and learned a lot. Please share this with your friends.

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