Why I Choose Not to Create a Membership Site

EVERYONE in the creator space tries to convince you that selling a membership, which brings recurring revenue, is the holy grail of business.

While having recurring revenue is nice, it’s not everything it’s cracked up to be and it depends on what YOU want from your creator business.

For my personal lifestyle, I chose not to launch a membership because:

  • I didn’t want the commitment that comes with it in having to create enough value each and every month.
  • I prefer to create at my own pace and sell on automatic
  • Maintaining a membership is HARD (see above points), plus retention is difficult. Membership churn is a common challenge, are they staying long enough to make it worth it?

Don’t get me wrong, memberships can be great if it fits what you want. Just don’t get lured in, just because everyone is selling that as an attractive business model.

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