A simple way to grow your audience from zero

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A simple way to grow your audience from zero

If you’re trying to grow an audience from zero, offering a useful product for free is great way to start growing your audience.

Wait, doesn’t this sound like a lead magnet?

Absolutely, yes.

But, it’s not always done correctly.

It’s when you get the RIGHT kind of lead magnet offer done right, does it work like gangbusters.

  • How you position your free product/lead magnet
  • The format of your lead magnet (ebook, free course, template, etc)
  • It has to attract the RIGHT kind of audience (it’s why a well-positioned lead magnet does far better than a sweepstakes for an iPad)

Here’s a great example of a well-executed lead magnet/free product for you to study.

Content Subscription Revenue Model, Is It Worth It?

For content creators, the IDEA of having people pay a recurring fee to have on-going access to content you create is nice dream.

But in reality, it’s very hard to pull-off successfully.

Just look at the current decline of Netflix subscribers.

Simon Owen’s takes a hard look at the content subscription model.

Just like completely relying 100% on a paid advertising model, I think having a combination of models is key.

How to Write a Book Fast

If you’re a knowledge expert (consultant, coach) in any field, I’m a firm believer that a book (or a course) is a great asset to have (certainly better than a business card).

The biggest obstacle to producing a book? Time and effort (and probably not knowing where to start).

Here’s 8 steps to writing a book fast.

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