Giving in to TikTok…

This Week’s Issue:

  • Giving in to TikTok
  • Increase Your Youtube Video Views
  • The Simple Formula for a 6-figure Service Business


Giving in to TikTok

I mostly operate in B2B contexts, but reading about how this UK business owner used TikTok to share the story behind her product and business and resulted in £14K worth of sales was my tipping point for creating a TikTok account.

I won’t share the account yet as I have nothing on it, but I’ll be venturing down the TikTok rabbit hole to “research” how it works.

If you don’t hear from me for a few weeks, tell my wife I love her and to get me out of the TikTok rabbit hole.


Increase Your Youtube Video Views

In the content world, we all know “If you build it, they will come.” doesn’t really work.

Working on distributing and getting your content viewed is work many creators either don’t like and/or have a tough time figuring out.

Via The Tilt, they shared some tips based upon findings from SEMRush on getting more views for your Youtube videos, while the tips are nothing new, they offer a bit more specific details to optimize your video listings:

  • Use keywords & phrases in your video titles
  • Use more words, including keywords, in your video descriptions. SEMRush found 17% of top ranking videos had more than 250 words in the description
  • Top ranking videos had on average 13 tags


The Simple Formula for a 6-Figure Service Business

Via Starter Story, I thought this was a simple and focused framework for figuring out how to start a service business, per Chase Dimond:

  • 1 niche +
  • 1 problem +
  • 1 service +
  • 1 outreach method
  • 3-6 months of execution =
  • Potential $10K/month business = $120K annually





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