“The client starts yelling at me, so this is what I did…”

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This Week’s Issue:

  • A Cautionary Tale: Avoiding Nightmare Clients
  • How to Film Great Videos with Your Phone
  • Black Friday Deals on Tech & Software Are Up
  • Want new subscribers for your email newsletter?
  • Tool Share: Convert files


A Cautionary Tale

A common problem I help consultants, coaches & service pro’s with is how to avoid nightmare clients. I was reminded of this story of a consultant I worked with (and became good friends with), John (not his real name):

John “won” a project for a major financial institution, when he told me about it, I told him that I would have walked away from this project as it didn’t fit into the criteria we had worked out for John.

John knew that but wanted to take it on as he felt it would potentially lead to more work. (Tell me if this rationale sounds familiar)

I left it at that and a few months go by and I was having a conversation with John one day and he brought up this project and said to me, “Vincent, you were right about that project. I should have walked away.”

I was curious about what happened and John explained:

“After fulfilling the project, I was talking to the lead contact of this project and he started adding all this work that was outside the scope of the original project.

I told him this is not included but I could do it for additional charges.

Then the lead contact started yelling at me and talking about how big a company they were and the nerve of me charging for more, etc, etc.”

John continued, “You know me, I won’t sit there being verbally abused, so I got up and just left.”

“I know you warned me about taking this on, I wish I listened to you.”

This isn’t about an “I told you so” moment.

What happened to John is VERY common for those of us in the coaching, consulting & service industry.

I felt bad for John, he’s a very nice guy and is very good at what he does.

He didn’t need to take on a “bad” client – he was in high-demand and charging high fees.

This is more a cautionary tale of knowing how to determine who you will work with and who you will NOT work with, so you don’t end up with a business you feel miserable about.

If you want to know how to avoid John’s situation, go here.


How to Film Great Videos with Your Phone

I’m not huge of using video for my own content (at least filming myself, doing screen recordings is ok – I just can’t stand my hearing my voice or seeing myself on video), but I DO know you don’t need an expensive setup to make use of videos in your business.

If you’re more of a video content person, then this article helps you film great videos with just your phone.

[via For the Interested]


Black Friday Deals Are Already Up

I’ve updated the Deals page with Black Friday deals that are already up and running. Be sure to check out this page for updated deals.

I’m updating this as new deals are available.

Get deals here.


Want to Grow Your Subscribers for Your Email Newsletter?

I’ve been researching ways to grow my email newsletter subscriber-base, The Sample is an interesting way to grow if you’ve got an email newsletter. (Bonus, you can discover new and interesting newsletters too).

Also includes a nifty dashboard with useful analytics.

It’s free too!


Tool Share

Via Webdesigner Depot: Filestar is a tool that let’s you convert any file to any other file. I know there’s TONS of these out there but this one looks pretty non-spammy =p




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