How to Create Consistent Content

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How to Create Consistent Content

One of the biggest challenges for creators is staring at a blank page or coming up with ideas for consistent content (whether it’s a blog post, social media post, video, audio/podcast).

If you’re a content creator looking to grow an audience, consistency is the critical element.

Easy to say, but harder to do.

I’ve put together 65 (& counting) content prompts to help creators (I built this for myself to use) so you don’t have to be stuck coming up with ideas ever again. You can use it year-round and it helps you create an endless amount of content ideas.

It’s NOT copy & paste templates.

I’m massively against copy & paste templates because it doesn’t help you at all, it makes you look like everyone else copying & pasting the same template.

It won’t be something that will break the bank, I’m aiming for below $30.

If this sounds like something useful to you, head over here to be notified once it’s ready.

You Can Do That with LinkedIn?

LinkedIn can be a cesspool of cold outreach & connection requests done horribly wrong, but if you’re in B2B, it’s hard to ignore.

I’ve always been in agreement with NOT promoting a LinkedIn company page vs personal accounts. But I also believe in keeping an open mind.

So, it was interesting to see what CXL did with their LinkedIn company page.

I still have my reservations, but interesting to see what kind of results they’ll see in the long run.

Getting Back Into the Drawing Habit

I’m trying to get back into a drawing habit (it’s something I’ve enjoyed doing as far back as I can remember), shared some initial sketches on Twitter, I’m thinking of incorporating it into my upcoming products & content posts too if you like that kind of stuff.

Here’s a sample

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