If I Had to Start form Zero Again | Going International, Avoid These Mistakes

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Going International, Avoid These Mistakes

One of the best ways to grow & diversify your B2B business? Open up to International clients. BUT…what works in some geographic regions won’t work in others.

Here’s the biggest mistakes I’ve seen over 2 decades…

If I Had to Start from Zero Again…

This is a question I frequently see asked.

It makes sense, if you’ve worked a full-time job all your life and deciding to go out on your own, it’s like starting from zero.

Or if you literally lost everything and had to start from zero all over again (happens more than you think).

I’ve started work on the Zero to $3K Apprenticeship for new consultants, coaches & freelancers, which shares the process of how to start from zero. It works if you’re new or having to start all over again with little to no resources.

It’s a system and process to get to cash relatively fast if you’re a new knowledge expert and/or freelance service provider, it’s what I would do if I had to start from scratch all over again.

No ads, no complicated funnels, no website – but why $3K? Why not $10K or $100K?

$3K is much more realistic & achievable. In many cases, you could blow past $3K easily (especially if you’re in B2B).

Some of the issues I’ll cover:

  • How to avoid nightmare clients who bully you and make you doubt your decision to work for yourself
  • The demoralizing mistake new consultants & freelancers make that could force you to get a job again
  • How to charge higher fees and not become a cheap commodity fighting for scraps with competitors
  • How to keep a continuous lead flow coming in
  • How to quickly demonstrate authority & credibility without doing free work

Why apprenticeship? Even as an “online course” guy, I’m getting tired of seeing so many “online course” launches. This is more like an apprenticeship as you follow along and I’m there to answer questions along the way.

It’s not quite finished yet, but when I open it up for the pilot group, it’s only going to be $49. After the pilot, it will probably go up to $97 (maybe higher after that).

Nothing crazy.

I want as many people as possible who don’t know me to give it a try.

I thought about offering it for free, but free is meaningless these days. It might just collect digital dust if it was free, so I wanted you to have some skin in the game to ensure you use it.

If you want to get in on the pilot group price of $49, go here to get on the pilot notification list.

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