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Business Lessons

Are you building on rented land?

AirBnB has recently removed 80%(!!!) of it’s listings in Japan as new regulations for owners and people listing properties on AirBnB become active. I’ve been hearing a lot of people specifically buying up property for the sole purpose of letting/renting on AirBnB, so it’s kind of like a business for some people. But as I’ve…

Email Marketing

Useful links regarding GDPR regulations

The big frenzy for marketers lately is whether businesses are ready for the upcoming GDPR privacy regulations coming into place if you target European Union (EU) customers (and it doesn’t matter whether your business is based in EU or not). Here’s a few links to help you learn about this regulation and how it impacts…

Online Marketing

SEO is dying

Bing has announced it will begin removing the right-hand sidebar ads starting 26th March 2018. This follows Google’s exact same move back in 2016. What does this mean for SEO? It’s dead. Look at all the above-the-fold search results these days and they’re ALL paid ads. It’s simple, it’s a money-grab. By removing the sidebar…

Online Marketing

Facebook kills another business

So, this just happened, LittleThings, a digital publisher that relied heavily on Facebook organic reach as their one and only traffic source is closing its doors. They had 12 million(!) Facebook followers and their videos apparently generated thousands of views. But the latest algorithm change Facebook made to reduce the exposure and organic reach of…

Online Marketing

Facebook ad prices up 43%, poof go your profits

Credit to Justin Brooke for breaking this today, Facebook ad prices have gone up 43% as per Market Watch’s interview with Facebook’s CFO. As Justin’s been saying, the amount of Facebook advertisers has been growing exponentially on a daily basis. Which means, Facebook has too many advertisers and not enough ad space/new feed frequency to…