Does Clickbait Work?

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Does Clickbait Work?

I’ve always been a supporter of quality or quantity.

If you’ve ever produce a piece of content in the hopes it will go “viral” by using some kind of clickbait, you’ll want to think again.

According to Ariyh, clickbait headlines are less likely to be shared.


The reader feels manipulated and like the content less => less likely to share it.

TL;DR: Clickbait doesn’t work. Don’t do it.

Sell Your Newsletter

Email is my favourite medium.

A targeted, interesting & useful email newsletter is one of the best tools a creator, solopreneur or any business for that matter has at your disposal.

With higher-profile newsletter acquisitions recently (e.g. Morning Brew, The Hustle), even smaller, solo-run email newsletters are getting acquired.

Just like Derick Ruiz did with his newsletter.

Don’t Fall for This Cohort-Based Course Myth

Cohort-based online courses (CBC’s) are the rage right now.

But the concept is not really new. Mostly when Silicon Valley puts a spin on it, everyone fawns over the trend and treats it like the Messiah.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe cohort-based courses work and are a great thing.

The problems I have are:

  1. It’s not a new concept
  2. They’re being put on a pedestal because of “completion rates”. Rather, how CBC’s have such a higher completion rate (80%+) versus a self-paced course.

    I don’t dispute that, but I believe completion rate as a performance metric is misleading.


    Completion rates does not equal Achieving desired outcome.

    You might complete the course but you may not necessarily achieve the promised outcome of the course.

    There are no courses that can 100% guarantee an outcome. Too much depends on the student.

    Focusing too much on the % of students completing your course is a misleading performance metric too.

    You could be the best teacher, have the most engaging community, high quality content and still you may not achieve 100% completion…and that is ok.

    Whether a student completes your course is out of your control.

    I’d much rather focus on the ones who do complete the course, whether they actually achieved the desired outcome promised by the course.

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